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Schedule Blocks of ‘Tech-Free’ Time to Reduce Stress at Work

Schedule Blocks of ‘Tech-Free’ Time to Reduce Stress at Work

If you're working a desk job, chances are that your life revolves around technology. There's inbox with its incessant dings, the phone that always beeps and rings, and the internet with its constant updates. You can't afford to ignore it entirely, but scheduling half-hour slots of tech-free time -- where you disconnect from all your tech but still work -- can help you focus better and reduce stress.

The Dumb Little Man contends that a block of quiet time is essential to staying fresh: "If you are constantly connected to or looking at a device, there is no way your mind will be allowed to think 100% clearly. If you respond to each email or notification as they come in, you will constantly be sidetracked. While it's extremely important to respond to messages, you need to set aside a block of quiet time each day so that you can relax and refresh. You could set an hour a day where you ignore your inbox completely. Better yet, set half hour blocks throughout the day where you remain 'unconnected' from devices so that you can truly focus and be at peace."

10 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work That Could Save Your Life | Dumb Little Man
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