Use A.T.O.M. to Write Great Business Emails, Mission Statements & PresentationsWork

Use A.T.O.M. to Write Great Business Emails, Mission Statements & Presentations

You might be good at talking to people on social networks and even have a great following for your blog, but writing for a business crowd is a whole different ball game. You have limited time to engage them and sell your idea, along with the daunting task of getting them excited about it.

Rochelle Moulton, a brand consultant, lays down a mnemonic guide of four principles that you would be wise to follow the next time you have to write a business email, mission statement or even a short presentation. It's called A.T.O.M.

-A is for Action. Choose words that bring action, purpose and results to mind, such as build, boost, conduct, lead, etc; avoid soft words like become, teach, try.

-T is for Timing. Moulton suggests that pacing is important, so make sure your longer sentences are complemented by staccato lines. Even for a simple email, tell a story, like it has a beginning, middle and end.

-O is for Omit. Editing your message is key to making an impact, so once you are done drafting, take a short break and then read through it again. Delete anything where you are going off topic and rephrase long sentences to make them shorter.

-M is for Mouth Feel. Your words should convey nuances and paint pictures, like "kindle, spawn, animate, spur, hatch and spark". Take your time in finding the right word, and refer to a thesaurus is necessary; but don't unnecessarily include big words for the sake of it.

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