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Achieve Peak Productivity With The 100- Year Old 'Ivy Lee Method'
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Achieve Peak Productivity With The 100- Year Old 'Ivy Lee Method'

In 1918, one of the richest men in the world Charles M. Schwab held a meeting with a very well respected man named Ivy Lee. Mr. Schwab, despite all his wealth, was known as someone who was always in search for an edge over his competition wants to improve the efficiency of his employees. The man he found to help him with the task was Ivy Lee, a publicity expert and a founder of modern public relations.

After listening to Schwab, Lee asked him to give him 15 minutes with each of his executives and told Schwab to send him a cheque after three months and only if his method worked. In the end, Schwab sent Ivy Lee a handsome cheque of $25,000, citing that it had been the most profitable advice he ever had received.

So what was Ivy Lee's $25,000 advice to those executives that enabled them to achieve peak productivity? The secret lies in 5 simple steps:

Step 1 : At the end of each day, write down 6 (do not write more) most important tasks that need to be accomplished next day.

Step 2 : Review and rank these tasks from 1 to 6 based on their importance (If you have any confusion over how to prioritize, check out Eisenhower Matrix method here )

Step 3 : Start your next workday by concentrating on the first task. Move to the second task only after successfully completing the first one.

Step 4 : Approach the rest of the list same way

Step 5 : At the end of the day, make a new list of 6 tasks for the next day. If you have any uncompleted task from the day, add it to the new list, but keep it under 6 in total. And repeat this process every day.

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