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Force Yourself to Recharge by Schedule a "Do Nothing Day" In Your Calendarproductivity

Force Yourself to Recharge by Schedule a "Do Nothing Day" In Your Calendar

Kristin Wong , Gawker Media

Taking care of yourself isn't just a reward, it's part of the process. Breaks help you regain focus and come back to work with a fresh perspective, which is why doing nothing is sometimes the most productive thing you can do . Force yourself to recharge by scheduling a "Do Nothing Day."

We all know it's important to take time off, but over at A Serial Life, writer Anna Weisend makes the case for actually scheduling this downtime:

Pick a day in January. It can be a weekend or take a day off of work and put it on the calendar. You know if you don't put it on the calendar it is going to be put off to the side...If it's on your calendar you are obligated to do it.

If you don't actually pencil in this time, you're more likely to fill it with the week's leftover tasks or other errands. It's important to get that stuff done, too, but we often neglect self-care for too long, and a "Do Nothing Day" forces you to hit the reset button. For more detail, head to the post at the link below.

How to Do Nothing | A Serial Life

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