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Now is The Time to  Build Your Professional Network

Now is The Time to Build Your Professional Network

There are 10+ million job listings on LinkedIn. That means there are 10+ million opportunities for you to advance your career. The No. 1 thing you, professionals, tell us everyday is that you want to get ahead in your career but you don't know how. We are here to help and the answer lies in your network.

Nearly all (95%) professionals landed their job at Top Companies, the most sought-after companies by job seekers, because of their professional network. Whether you are looking for a job today or thinking about your long-term career path, now is the time to build your professional network.

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Fake It 'Til You Make It: Your Audience is Always Watching. Kumail Nanjiani, the actor playing Dinesh on HBO's Silicon Valley, found his way in by faking confidence early in his career. Nanjiani overcame his insecurities of performing alongside more notable comedians by telling himself to "fake it til you make it," and by convincing himself he was just as talented as his co-performers despite having the same notoriety. Whether you are performing on stage or conducting an informational interview with a 2nd degree connection, pump yourself up before the conversation and remind yourself that you are qualified. If you don't think you deserve the job, the other person won't either!

Claim Your Space : Both On and Offline. Vanessa Van Edwards, behavioral expert, advises interviewees be careful not to "turtle" which means to retract your body to ensure you take up less space. Turtling can can make you look like you have something to hide. Van Edwards suggests that, if possible, to choose the highest seat in the room to sit in, skipping the couch. It helps ensure you claim your space and have a presence in the room. And don't turtle online either. Whether you are commenting on a former colleagues' article or sharing the latest industry trend, you always want to ensure you stay top of mind with your LinkedIn network.

Don't Bury the Lead . When you reach out to a connection in your professional network, Adam Neumann Co-founder and CEO of WeWork, recommends not overlooking the importance of the subject line. A few catchy words that hint towards the conversation can spark a great relationship and get the person on the other end immediately engaged.

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