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Recomendo Delivers Fun Tips and Recommendations to Your Inboxproductivity

Recomendo Delivers Fun Tips and Recommendations to Your Inbox

Andy Orin , Gawker Media

Recomendo is an email newsletter from the editors at Cool Tools filled with interesting recommendations about useful tools, interesting books, and more. And it's particularly succinct.

Cool Tools is a site by Kevin Kelly which, broadly speaking, recommends useful tools that range from apps to websites to actual mechanical tools. Their newsletter Recomendo, launched last year, delivers six such recommendations to your inbox once a week. I don't have a lot of patience for email newsletters-there are so many, and are often too verbose for my frayed attention span-but Recomendo is brief, charming, and to the point. The recommendations from Mark Frauenfelder , Claudia Dawson, and Kevin Kelly, and include items you might want to watch, books to read, and the practical tool tips too.

I don't often write recommendations for newsletters or podcasts or anything like that (although I certainly do suggest you subscribe to the Lifehacker Newsletter ), but was ironically looking through old Recomendo emails for something to write about. It occurred to me that I should probably just recommend Recomendo. It's directly inline with what a Lifehacker reader might like.

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