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Your Interviewer To Think Of His Ideal Candidate To Land A Job

Ask Your Interviewer To Think Of His Ideal Candidate To Land A Job

A job interview isn't an easy place to be. You are constantly worrying about your appearance, about the answers you are giving, about how you are sitting -- how do you know whether you are selling yourself well or not?

The first thing to remember is that the interview isn't about you, it's about what the recruiter needs. So the best thing to do is approach the interviewer like a salesman and ask him to imagine his best-case scenario, according to Pick The Brain.

Here's the golden question: "If I could ask you to take a moment and think of 2 or 3 of the best people you've known in your career who've had this job , what do you feel are the traits they possess that made them successful?"

Suddenly, the recruiter is no longer thinking of black-and-white skills on paper and instead has a picture in his mind of what he wants, which he is able to tell you more effectively -- and in turn, you can figure out how to pitch your assets ideally to come across as the ideal candidate.

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