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Use This Rule to Set Up Undo Send in OutlookEmail

Use This Rule to Set Up Undo Send in Outlook

Kristin Wong , Gawker Media

Gmail makes it easy to undo sending an email , but the feature is less intuitive in Outlook. The good news is, it's possible, it just requires a couple of additional steps.

As PCMag points out, you need to set up a rule in Outlook to defer delivery of your emails. They explain:

  1. Go to File > Manage Rules & Alerts > New Rule.
  2. Here, look under Start from a Blank Rule. Choose "Apply rule on messages I send." Do not add any other rules (i.e., leave the checkboxes blank).
  3. Under the list of actions, choose "defer delivery by a number of minutes." You can delay delivery by up to 120 minutes, but that's too long. I recommend 1 minute, so enter "1" (or however many minutes you want) where it says "a number of."

From there, you just save and name the rule and, of course, make sure to actually turn it on so it works. After you set it all up, the message will stay in your Outbox folder until your delay time runs out. Microsoft explains how it works at the link below, and you can head to PC Mag for more info.

Delay or schedule sending email messages | Microsoft Office via PCMag

Photo by Lars Plougmann

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