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Why One Honest Criticism is Better Than a Round Of Applause
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Why One Honest Criticism is Better Than a Round Of Applause

Most of us feel that successful people accomplish everything effortlessly. We think that they are the lucky ones who have always been appreciated. Well, welcome to the real world. Most highly successful people are those who gave importance to honest negative criticism than appreciation.

Warren Buffett said in one of his interviews that he always had a person in his team to give him blunt feedback. His job was not to appreciate Buffett but to only point out mistakes and bad decisions.

As humans, we are designed to accept appreciation and deny criticism. We don't doubt when the other person appreciates. However, when he or she criticises, we either ignore or defend ourselves.

And, when we go one step higher in our career, even if we are ready to recieve negative criticism, others refuse to give us. Research shows as we climb higher into organizations people are less honest with us and hesitate to share uncertainties. The problem with negative criticism is we hate it even more when we feel it has come from someone not eligible to comment. However, in many cases, such criticism is what that will give you a valuable insight.

"Feedback exposes you to yourself, which is why it is both tremendously unsettling and exceptionally valuable. It can be an incredible gift, a field guide for acting with impact in the world," wrote management consultant Peter Bregman in a blog for the Harvard Business Review.

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