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The 5 Best Night Filters for AndroidApps

The 5 Best Night Filters for Android

When Apple introduced Night Shift for iOS, lots of people started talking about blue light filters for Android. Am ...

The Wall Mounted WorkspaceWorkspace

The Wall Mounted Workspace

Alex's workspace is notable not just because he has a great-looking ultrawide and a spacious desk, but also becaus ...


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Android Apps For Daily Meditationapps

Android Apps For Daily Meditation

Meditating is no less than a task for the millennial. Each one of us who are engaged in a super exhausting desk ...

Shaving Hacks For Menlearning

Shaving Hacks For Men

Every sane man opts for a morning shave. Unless you are Ben Affleck, shaving is one of morning routines beside br ...

The Fully Packed Fanny Packfeatured bag

The Fully Packed Fanny Pack

Fanny packs might be called "hip packs" these days in an attempt to not sound as dorky, but there's no denying the ...

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