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5 Easy Home Remedies For Acute Headache

5 Easy Home Remedies For Acute Headache

Despite knowing about the ill-effects of regular and frequent consumption of allopathic medicines, many people are in the habit of popping a pill when they suffer from a headache. There are situations when you seek immediate relief from headache, for example, in case you have to attend an important official meeting or have to appear in an exam or job interview.

Did you know that chamomile tea can do wonders for those suffering from a headache due to stress? Similarly, ginger acts as a good medicine for headache. You can add a spoonful of chopped ginger to one and half cups of water and boil it for a few minutes. Filter it, add some honey and drink it to cure headache. It is time you shift your focus to natural remedies to relieve yourself from a heavy head.

Here are six natural home remedies which can cure headache.

1. Acupressure : Your headache can be cured if you massage your forehead with the help of the base of your thumb and forefinger. Continue it for some time, then switch hands and repeat until the pain resolves. You can also consult an acupressure expert, asking him about the correct points to cure headache.

2. Keep your feet in hot water : It will make you feel better as by drawing blood to your feet, the hot-water footbath will ease pressure on the blood vessels in your head. You can also add a bit of hot mustard powder to the water, if you are suffering from extreme pain.

3. Have a cup of strong tea or coffee : Many studies have proved that caffeine reduces blood-vessel swelling, therefore relieves headache. Caffeine is added in painkillers like Excedrin to cure headache. But, do not make it a habit to depend on tea or coffee every time.

4. Tie a scarf around your forehead : Tighten the scarf to the point where you can feel pressure all around your head. Tying the scarf or necktie will reduce the flow of blood to your scalp and will relieve the pain caused by swollen blood vessels.

5. Apply lavender or peppermint oil on your forehead : Lavender and peppermint oil can help ease tension and cure headache. Massage a bit of lavender oil on your forehead and temples gently, lie back and relax. Its scent stimulates and relaxes the nerves that cause headache.

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