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5 Tips to Get Your Toddler to Sit Still and Pose for the Camera

5 Tips to Get Your Toddler to Sit Still and Pose for the Camera

S. Shanthi
Every parent loves posting zillions of pictures of their kids on social media, even if it annoys many. A photo shoot is often planned before even the baby is born. But as much as parents love it, most kids hate getting clicked. The moment you ask them to smile, they will run off or frown. Of course, there are few exceptions. Some kids are born supermodels and love being in front of camera. However, if you are not one of those lucky parents, here are five interesting hacks for you. These will help you get fantastic pictures without losing your temper.

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Ask your child to tell a story
Every child loves telling a story. They will go on and on, into their imaginative world. Children are naturally narrative and dramatic. They will even end up using props when they narrate. Continue clicking pictures without asking them to smile. Just ask other to clap and encourage.

Ask your child not to smile
Another interesting hack that works all the time is asking your child not to smile. Say, "Don't smile. I'm serious. Control your laughter. Just don't smile." In most cases, your child will burst out laughing. Kids are perceptive. When you stress over getting the perfect lighting, the perfect background or shout at them, they will make it difficult for you. Your photo shoot and not just photograph should be something to cherish forever.

Bring in some colourful toys
Bring some toys and let them play for a while. Let them get into their own sweet world. And, when they are in their happy world, click some nice pictures without asking them to smile.

Make funny faces
With smartphones, nothing could be more frustrating for the kids than to pose for camera every now and then. Still every parent wants to click some amazing photographs. So, the best way to make that happen is by keeping them happy. When they look at you, just make some funny faces. They will either smile or get back to their happy job.

Never say cheese
You should never ask kids to say cheese. They will only throw a fit. A cheesy smile is not what you want.

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