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Some Easy Ways to Manage PCOS, From A Diet Coach

Some Easy Ways to Manage PCOS, From A Diet Coach

PCOS is not a disease but a disorder of the reproductive organs. One of of the most pervasive pieces of PCOS advice is to control it as soon as the symptoms start appearing. For adolescent girls the signs are weight gain, thinning of scalp, facial hair and acne with irregular periods. The body is shaped more like an apple than a pear.

You can improve hormonal balance and lose weight by focusing on a healthy diet and balancing it with regular exercise.

Here are some practical ways to manage PCOS-

- Make prebiotic like garlic and probiotics like yogurt a regular part of your meal plan. They help to reduce chronic inflammation in the gut.

- Fish oil ( a rich source of omega 3) , besides being a mood booster, helps to manage PCOS symptoms better.

-PCOS increases the risk of type 2 diabetes . Eat four to six small meals daily and reduce portion size to control blood sugar levels. Reduce consumption of sugary beverages and high caloric foods. Increase intake of water, fruits and vegetables.

- Have cumin infused water first thing in the morning for bloating related to PCOS.

-Adding a daily dose of ACV ( apple cider vinegar) to your diet could boost your system by ridding the blood of excess sugars.

- One cannot undermine the role of low GI foods. Replacing high GI carbs like white bread, potato, sugars and white rice with whole grain bread, lentils, beans and quinoa leads to better insulin sensitivity.

-PCOS women need to stop microwaving food in plastic containers and drinking water from plastic bottles which are not BPO free. They release Xenohormones which have estrogenic effect on body.

-Minimize the use of scented cleaning agents for hair, body and household. Avoid parabens in skin care. They contain toxic chemicals which affect the endocrine system. Use natural and safe detergents.

- Try these every day foods- fenugreek, flaxseeds, cinnamon, tulsi, honey, bitter gourd and amla.

- The yoga way to treat PCOS is to regularly practise the "Butterfly pose" which can be done sitting or lying down (with cushion support). Try holding the posture for long rather than flapping legs too much.

- Drinking tea ( hot or cold) controls symptoms . According to latest research spearmint tea has anti-androgen effect on PCOS women.

Losing weight with PCOS can be hard but not impossible. Stay motivated. By correcting your lifestyle and following a few precautions the battle against PCOS can be won.

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( About the author : This article is contributed by Sapna Puri, a Delhi based Diet Coach)

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