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How Not to Be Late at Work for People Who Always Are

How Not to Be Late at Work for People Who Always Are

S. Shanthi
Being chronically late is considered as a mark of an ineffective person. Streamlining your morning routine and getting to work on time is very important to have a productive day. But there are times, when you just can't avoid the morning scramble. Pulling things together and getting out of home in reasonable time can be quite tricky. Here are few hacks you can use to get to work on time.

Pick your outfit the night before
Previous night you can check the weather and calendar and decide your outfit accordingly. Before you go to bed, choose your entire outfit for the next day. Decide about everything from your shoes and bag to outfit and accessories. After all, there is a reason your mum taught you this trick when you were younger. It definitely saves a lot of time. Creating a look can be a frantic act if left to the morning. In fact, have a place in your room just for packed clothes. Pile up everything you have to wear and keep it in that place every night before going to bed. Pack your handbag with keys, wallet and other essentials as well so that you don't forget anything on your way out.

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Don't check your phone
Checking a phone can be a waste of time in the morning. Many a times, you will be moving from one mail or message to another only to realise you have wasted a lot of time on trivial things. You can check in your phone after you reach office. So, avoid waking up to your phone or checking it if you want your way out of the door on time and in best possible mood.

Don't keep saying that you are late
Remember the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The more you say you are late, the later you will be out of your house. So, if you are running a little late, take a deep breath and chill. Panic will only make things worse. You will not only be late, you will end up forgetting things. Try to leave a few minutes earlier than you think you need to. For instance, if you have leave at 8.45, aim for 8.30. You will then be ready to go at 8.30. This will help keep you from getting stressed when things don't go according to plan.

Eat breakfast in office
While breakfast is the most essential meal of the day and shouldn't be skipped, it does take away a lot of your morning time. So, what you can do is eat breakfast in the car or in office, but do not skip. It saves a lot of time. Most of you will be getting stuck in traffic. So carrying dry spill free breakfast will ensure you stay fit through the day, yet save on time.

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