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I Am Pushpa Bector, EVP and Head of DLF Shopping Malls, And This Is How I Work

I Am Pushpa Bector, EVP and Head of DLF Shopping Malls, And This Is How I Work

Pushpa Bector, Executive Vice President and Head of DLF Premium Malls, believes in delegating work for effective time management. Even when she is hosting a dinner at home, she divides her work. If her house-help does the prep work, she puts everything together and vice-versa. And, that she says has been her lifehack to success. "I am a strong believer of delegating work as it helps me save time and focus on the most important task in hand. Also, times have changed and smart work is what makes the difference in this ever so challenging environment," she says and this is how she works.

Location : Delhi
Current Gig : EVP and Head of DLF Shopping Malls
Current mobile device : iPhone 7
Current computer : Dell Laptop
One word that best describes how you work : Innovative

Tell us about your journey and how did you get where you have?

Life so far has been challenging yet rewarding with multiple ups and downs, since I began my professional journey 20 years ago. Prior to heading the entire DLF Shopping Malls portfolio, I took charge of setting up 'DLF Promenade' and 'DLF Mall of India' right from the inception stage. While the former is well known as the successful and admired fashion destination, the latter is recognized as the largest mall of India today, catering to the masses of the Delhi NCR region. In the past I have been associated with Apollo International Ltd and Oberoi Group of Hotels donning various hats and stepping up the ladder in the best of my capabilities. All in all, it has been an eventful ride and that's what keeps me going.

What is the current project you are involved in?

As Executive Vice President & Head - DLF Premium Malls, which comprises of 5 properties namely, DLF Mall of India, DLF Promenade, DLF Place, DLF CyberHub, and DLF City Centre, Chandigarh, I am responsible for providing executive leadership and management for these malls and head the Business Units including Marketing, Leasing, Finance, & Operations.

What are you currently reading? A novel, comic book, website, magazine? Or what's something you'd recommend ?

Currently I am reading 'One Indian Girl ' by Chetan Bhagat. I'd recommend anything by Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Maxwell Powell.

What apps, software, or tools can't you live without?

Apps are a way of life these days and I am an avid user of all the utility apps starting from Uber to Paytm, Zomato, Bookmyshow, etc and of course a little bit of social media is much needed and in that Instagram tops my list.

What's your workspace setup like?

My workspace is fairly neat and tidy as I am an organized person. Like anyone else, I have my laptop, diary, daily paperwork and the Economic Times on my desk. Additionally, you will find pictures of my family and little trinkets, which keeps them close to me even through my work day.

Would you call yourself a smart worker or a hard worker?

I'd like to call myself a combination of both but if I have to choose one then definitely I'm a smart worker. As I said in the beginning of this interview, times have changed and smart work is what makes the difference today.

How do you juggle so well between your domestic and professional responsibilities?

It's all about ideal time management with an ability to prioritize what is important and when.

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without and why?

I am a complete gadget enthusiast, so it would be difficult to name one. Besides my phone and computer, I am hooked to my headphones as I love to unwind with music after a long day at work.

What everyday thing are you better at than everyone else? What's your secret?

As an individual I am known to be organised and always high on energy. May be, that's what works.

How do you recharge? What do you do when you want to forget about work?

As I said, music is my companion to unwind. Apart from that I'm a complete film fanatic and love indulging in great conversations to forget work.

What's your sleep routine like? Are you a night owl or early-riser?

Early riser for sure. I enjoy getting up early and planning my day to keep everything in order.

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What's the best advice you've ever received?

I strongly believe 'When going gets down best gets going'.

What do you listen to while you work?

Nothing really, I love to just work when I am at work.

What's one advice you would like to give to budding entrepreneurs?

Long term vision is imperative for any business to flourish, therefore, my only advice to all the budding entrepreneurs is to innovate and think of products that will last beyond 5 years.

Lastly, can women have it all?

Yes, certainly. Provided they have the ability to prioritise focus areas and accelerate toward home or career as required. Also, if she has a family that is supporting her aspirations and ambitions then that allows for her to have it all as well. Also, its proven that women are great at multitasking and there is no reason for them not to reach for the stars.

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