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10 Tips On How To Drink All Night Long Without Getting Drunk
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10 Tips On How To Drink All Night Long Without Getting Drunk

Don't we all have this secretive desire to drink all we want and not get drunk, sans the ill-effects of drinking too much? Well, this is possible. Or should we say, we have made it possible by digging out 10 small tips that if followed properly, can help you stay sober and not let that drinking binge get onto your head and nerves. Read on:

Snack attack.

Munch on protein and considerably fatty snacks in between your drinking binge to minimize the effects of alcohol.
Best would be if you could

eat right before drinking

and fill your tummy with food, which will guarantee your ticket to non-drunkenness even if your drink a glass or two extra.

Try the trick of drinking a glass of normal temperature water in between each and every alcoholic drink.

This activity will help you stay hydrated, and thereby, reduce the effect of alcohol automatically.

Stretch out the first drink till whatever number of minutes you can

and we assure you won't get drunk. Also, if you must drink one after the other, try to massively dilute your alcohol with non-alcoholic choices such as half-fizzy lemonade, flavored soda, or sparkling water.

Use artful deception as and when possible.

There are times when drinking is obligatory owing to the peer or official group you are drinking with. In such a case, we recommend you ask the bartender to pour club soda on a lowball glass along with a dash of coke, which can easily be passed as a gin and tonic. Drink away and stab sober!

Have a glass of warm water when you feel drunk

up to a certain limit. This will you to get rid of intoxication and will keep your head from buzzing. Also, it will give your tummy a full feeling, without having the need to drink more.

Avoid mixing up drinks.

Needless to say, pairing up and drinking rum with beer or whiskey is deadly. Heard the saying: "beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you're in the clear?"

Drink a strong cup of black coffee or orange juice

right before going to bed, which would help you to avoid hangover the next morning.

You must choose your drinks wisely.

Alcohol by volume (ABV) is critical in determining how drunk you will get; hence, it is important to know your drinks well. Red wine and darker spirits, such as whiskey, are more likely to give you a headache and a kick to your sense in an hour or two.

Avoid pairing sugary drink with your alcohol

, as it might just give a spike to your blood-sugar levels and can easily give the feeling of being 'drunk'.

In the end, the most important thing to do while drinking is to THINK. After all, we are sure you understand that there is a fine line between being the 'life of the party' and a 'nuisance idiot'. Trust your instincts and know when you are about to get dunk and everything else shall work just fine.


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