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10 Fashion Hacks That Will Change Your Life Overnight

10 Fashion Hacks That Will Change Your Life Overnight

S. Shanthi
Whoever said looking awesome is something that comes naturally has surley not understood the nuisances of how fashion works. It takes a lot of money, time and efforts to look like a million bucks. And many a times a silly thing like losing a button can ruin the entire look. What if you fund a solution for everything? For instance do you know you can get rid of red wine stains with white wine? (Also read: 7 Secrets Your Clothes Reveal About You)

In order to have a great appearance, you need to put in some effort and think out of box . Fashion can be tricky. There is always a faux pas waiting to happen every time you dress fancy or organise your closet. But then, it is here that you should put in some hacks and tricks to use.
If you are armed with the right knowledge and know-how, these fashion catastrophes are reasonably manageable. Best part is there are many fashionistas out there who understand our plight and share their valuable tips. So, here we bring you some interesting hacks.

To begin with, do you know you can keep the shape of your tall boots by stuffing them with magazines? Or, you know you can avoid blisters from new flats by blow-drying them first. Easy, isn’t it? Read on for many more hacks to make you look like million bucks.
These unconventional fashion hacks are a surefire way to avoid fashion faux pas. They are easy and can be done with everyday objects.

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