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5 Businesses You Can Easily Start In Rural Areas

5 Businesses You Can Easily Start In Rural Areas

People often migrate from a village to a big city in search of jobs or to start his/her venture as big cities offer better infrastructure than villages. But, this creates unwanted pressure on urban areas and increases population.

So, if you want to start your own venture, you need not leave your land. You can start a business in a village or a small city too, where you can easily get land and cheap labour to start your venture. But, start a business which requires less of electric and water supply as you might struggle to get them non-stop.

Here we share five business ideas that easily work in a rural set-up.

1. Production of paper plates : You do not need a large amount of money to start this business. You can easily afford the cost of machines and get cheap labour from villages. Further, it does not require skilled labour to operate the machine. There is a high demand of such plates in urban areas, so there is probability that you will make good money.

2. Dairy farm business : Milk and dairy products always remain in demand throughout the year. If you own buffaloes and cows, you can set up a small dairy farm in your village . Hire people who can easily prepare curd, ghee, cheese and butter, and send them to be sold in urban areas. You can contact online grocery stores to purchase products from your farm.

3. Pet care and adoption center : You can start this business in a village or in any rural area. Take help from online advertising platforms such as Quikr and Olx to promote your center. You only need to click good pictures and give full description about animals on those platforms and people will run to your center to adopt them.

4. Make paper pouches : You can re-use waste paper by making bakery packaging pouches. They are in demand where plastic bags are prohibited. You can use newspapers to make such pouches and sell them at a good price. Women entrepreneurs can easily start this business and employ other women.

5. Laundry : It is one of the fastest growing businesses in rural areas as it needs less capital. You can approach online startups to support this venture. You need to arrange trucks or mini trucks to carry clothes from one place to another. Running this business can be economical due to availability of cheap labour and land in villages.

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