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5 Effective Ways To Tackle Shopping Addiction

5 Effective Ways To Tackle Shopping Addiction

Shopping is the new age therapy, known as 'retail therapy', to feel good and distract one's mind from disturbing situations in life. But you should avoid adhering to the 'shop till you drop' ideology, lest it turns into an obsession before you even realize it. Not only is obsession considered psychologically unhealthy, it will also cost you a lot of money that you might have invested in something more beneficial for you in the long term.

Like every other obsession, being a shopaholic isn't easy to get rid of, but here are 5 effective tips that can help you limit your shopping bags.

1. Plan your budget at the beginning of every month and allocate a fixed amount of money for shopping after outlining the items of utmost need. However, don't just allocate any random figure that comes to your mind as your shopping budget. Instead, cut that figure to half or even lesser so that you focus on your 'necessities' rather than 'luxuries'.

2. Don't go to a market or a shopping mall just to pass your free time, as you are most likely to end up buying something that you don't need. Even if you have to go to a market, take a friend along. Don't carry too much money in your wallet to avoid wastage of money on things you don't really need.

3. Compulsive shoppers should block regularly visited e-commerce websites on their laptops and uninstall the retail apps from their smart phones. This would save them from being lured by attractive deals.

4. Make a diary and start listing down all the things that you buy, along with the price that you paid for them. Don't include basic stuff like grocery into this list; only the stuff like handbags, wallets, shoes, clothes, and glasses that you anyway own but still bought for the heck of it. When you would look at this list at the end of the week, you would feel guilty and stop yourself from spending too much on unwanted products.

5. Always plan your shopping sprees by carrying a list with you and just some money over the amount that you would essentially require. Don't buy anything that is not mentioned in your shopping list. This would help you discipline your shopping. Also, never make your shopping list by yourself. Always consult someone from your family before you head to the market so that unwanted items are taken off it.

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