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5 Google Chrome Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

5 Google Chrome Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

There is no argument when it comes to the question best browser, Chrome is light-years ahead in performance, features, speed and innovation as compared to Microsoft's Edge and Apple's Safari. Here are five Google Chrome hacks you probably haven't heard about that will make your life easy.

1. Custom Search Engines
We all have the habit of typing a query into the omnibox of google chrome, whether it is a regular google search or we are looking for a Wikipedia page, or a search in amazon for something you want to shop. There is a simple way to make this process faster by directly searching the targeted websites by making them custom search engines. By going to the search settings, you can manage custom search engines by adding new ones and assigning a keyboard shortcut. Now, when you want to search Wikipedia for something, instead of typing your query into the omnibox, all you need is to do is just type the assigned shortcut and start typing your query so that it will take you directly to that website.

2. Desktop Apps
Chrome's App Store has many great web apps for services that you love and use more often in your lives. These includes Pocket, Google Keep, Sunrise Calendar, etc. One of the benefits of these apps are that you don't have to worry about backing up or saving the work locally as everything is saved to the cloud. By creating desktop shortcuts you can use them just like a regular desktop app on your computer. Many of these even works offline as well. Another perk is the ability to create desktop apps from web apps and websites by using the 'add to desktop' option in the preferences.

3. Pinning Tabs
If you are someone like me, then the first thing you open on chrome probably will be your email and then leave it there open the whole day. By using the pinning feature, which can be accessed by right-clicking any open tab, you can keep that particular tab or tabs pinned. This means that every time you open chrome, these tabs are automatically opened along with it automatically.

4. Bookmark all the open tabs together
If you want to bookmark all the tabs currently open in your browser, there is a quick hack. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ Shift + D and all the open tabs are bookmarked into a new folder in your bookmarks bar.

5. Reopen closed tabs
How many times have you accidentally closed those tabs or the browser whole together. Instead of going through the pain of reopening them one by one from browser history, use the shortcut 'ctrl+ shift + R' to reopen them.

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