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5 Simple Ways to Avoid Gaining
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5 Simple Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight This Winter

Curling up in bed under the warm creamy realm of your blanket with a hot bowl of your favourite comfort food is a very common winter scenario. Thanks to the lethargy that tends to set in due to shorter days, our bodies go through mood disorders that trigger a bigger appetite. Also due to harsh winter conditions our body naturally craves for more carbohydrates. Obviously then we tend to compensate for not stepping out by eating in the comforts of our house that leads to unmindful binging during winters. With the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations, parties driven by scrumptious food, sinful desserts and copious amount of alcohol are going to take our calorie intake a notch higher. To not put pile on those extra calories follow these tips to stay fit this winter season.

1) Work-Out is a Must

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It's really easy to binge on all delicious starchy food and give up on physical activities during winters however that'll be your biggest mistake. Yes, it's too cold to step out for a jog to burn out all those extra calories but you could attempt yoga at home or join a gym for which you don't need to expose your body to the harsh climatic condition. These days there are several workout videos available online and all you need to do is either live stream them or download the workouts. You don't even need to step out and you can flex those muscles in the comfort of your cozy home itself.

2) Keep Yourself Hydrated

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You may not feel very thirsty during winters but it is really essential to keep on drinking water even in cold temperature. If you do not consume water frequently your body will feel dehydrated and you will feel really low on energy. If you find it hard to consume water and crave for something hot then do not opt for saccharine laden coffees and teas available in cafes. They're very high on calories thanks to extra garnishing of whipped cream, chocolate powder and heaps of sugar. Instead opt for green tea or herbal tea, warm water with lemon, honey and basil and clear soup. If you really crave for a coffee then opt for the skinny option which is made of skimmed milk.

3) Learn to Say 'No'

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Winters are very happening for sure all thanks to holidays with family, Christmas celebrations and New Year bash. Naturally then with our winter calendar overflowing with such merry-making it gets difficult to resist those yummy desserts, greasy party food and gallons of alcohol. While you may watch what you eat sometimes it's even better to just say 'No'. Remember a party is not your last supper so go easy on hogging. Maintain a balanced diet and have fun at the same time.

4) Beware of an Open Bar

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Winter season is also very heavy on weddings, especially in India. Most of the wedding venues boast of an open bar. Packed with empty calories, excessive alcohol consumption stimulates appetite and you tend to opt for fried, fatty and salty food that obviously helps in piling on those winter calories faster. It's safe to hold a drink and follow it with a glass of water. You will tend to feel full and won't indulge in either extra drinks or inessential binging.

5) Consume the Winter Greens

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It's easy to fall prey into the clutches of unhealthy yet inviting winter favourites like a cheesy pasta, fatty burger and the North India's favourite ghee soaked parathas. Attend to your hunger pangs and fill up your kitchen shelves and bellies with leaner yet filling food like cous cous, whole wheat bread, eggs and brown rice. Winter season also boasts of leafy vegetables. Consume them as much as you can. Also opt for fruits high in Vitamin C to stay fit.

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