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5 Reasons You Should Love Yourself

5 Reasons You Should Love Yourself

"To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance."~Oscar Wilde
You can give others only what you have for yourself. So, the way you love yourself will determine how you would love others. Loving oneself seems a lot more difficult than loving others. But it is an ongoing process which requires your time, effort and dedication. There is a plethora of research to show that if you treat yourself with the same kindness you show to others, you could live healthier and happier. Need more reasons to love yourself?
When you love yourself ...

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You don't care about what "Sharmaji's" son/daughter think
When you love yourself you are at peace with your flaws. You are conscious about your strengths and your weaknesses. So what others think about you stop bothering you!

You don't regret doing or not doing anything
Loving yourself involves accepting yourself.You trust yourself a lot more. You believe in your decisions without wasting time on regrets.

You start being confident
Loving yourself introduces you to self-confidence you never thought existed within you. It boosts your self-esteem and you stop depending on others for it.

Your stress levels are reduced considerably
When you stop worrying about what others think and you are confident about yourself your stress levels automatically go down . You eliminate various causes of stress when you love yourself.

You love others better
When you love yourself you understand that it is a very important aspect. You learn that is it important to remind people that they are loved. Hence, you love others better.

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