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6 Quick Foods to Improve Focus And Concentration at Work
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6 Quick Foods to Improve Focus And Concentration at Work

Are you still trying to cope up with the back to work blues after having fun on the extended weekend? An extra day off in the middle of the week upsets the entire work sync, no matter whether you were out on a vacation or lying on the same couch for the entire weekend. This happens to most of us as the human mind gets in its relax mode way sooner in comparison to the time it takes in switching back to work. (Also Read: 3 Things, Apart From Your Qualification, That Get You Hired)

And laziness gains another level with those empty chairs around you as your co-workers enjoy those extra days off while you struggle to get away with the workload. If you are also one of those who gets distracted with empty chairs around you in the office and loses focus too soon, take a short break, get away from your desk for a few minutes, and try your hand on these food items to boost up your level of focus and concentration . You will be amazed, how apart from treating your stomach well, these quick munchies and drinks awakens your mind too. (View Slideshow)

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