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6 Words You Should Never Use In A Job Interview

6 Words You Should Never Use In A Job Interview

A single word holds the power to change the entire meaning of what you want to convey to the person sitting in front of you. What if that person is your interviewer?

All your efforts, right from finding a job opening, sending your resume to receiving an interview call, can go in vain if you utter a single word which you shouldn't have. For example, if you use the word "Umm" during a job interview , it makes you appear less polished.

Similarly, some people don't know that using the word "kinda" during an interview makes them sound like a teenager. If you want to sound like a confident person, replace "Kinda" with "yes" or "no".

There are a couple of more words which you should avoid during an interview in order to reach to the next level or grab the job offer. Here's the list.

1. Whatever : Whenever you use this word, it signifies you've totally given up. It also means that you lost power and have surrendered instead of finding a solution. This shows you are immature and imperfect for the job .

2. Perfectionist : Never try to glorify your strengths by using this overused and meaningless cliche. Your interviewer is not a fool and can easily recognize your ability and strengths .

3. Amazing : You often use this word to convey positivity . But sometimes you might exaggerate things by using it. Take a few minutes before using the word to understand if at all this word was needed.

4. No : Never give a monosyllabic answer such as "Yes" or "No" even of the question is straight and simple. Suppose your answer is no, don't stop there and try to explain your point such as if you are asked - "do you know 'Quark'?" Your answer should be "I haven't yet got the chance to learn it."

5. Hate : You don't realize the negative impact it has when you use this word. As soon as you use this word during a job interview, you come under the category of high risk candidate. So, try to avoid this word during your job interview .

6. Indeed, cool : If you use these words during a job interview, they suggest you are a very easy going person and take things casually. Such kind of attitude is not good for the company and there is possibility that you might get rejected .

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