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7 Best Fruits To
Eat In Summers

7 Best Fruits To Eat In Summers

With the summers round the corner, it's time to bring out your shorts and noodle straps, go sunscreen shopping, and keep juice and water bottles handy at all times . It's also the time to plan out some dietary changes. Making your food summer-friendly will keep you active and healthy throughout the season.

Including fresh seasonal fruits in your daily diet is a must. While there are many that are beneficial during the sunny months ahead, some are not widely available in India; some are heavy on the pocket; while some others are both of these! We share a list of seven fruits that are nutritious, refreshing, and effective in combating the scorching sun and the accompanying health problems. Here are the fruits that should definitely find a place in your plate this summer.

Melons: Watermelon, as the name indicates, has high water content, which will keep you hydrated and refreshed this summer. Watermelons also protect the skin against sun damage. Muskmelon or Cantaloupe is another great and healthy summer choice. The fruit is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and zinc, and helps improve immunity. While selecting a muskmelon, make sure you pick one that smells sweet and musky.

Oranges: This fruit contains all varieties of vitamins found in other fruits with vitamin K being the only exception. Oranges can be an outstanding source of vitamin C, thiamin and folate for you which provides you natural UV protection, brings down stress levels and enhance the production of red blood cells in your body. Oranges are also loaded with beta-carotene, cryptoxanthin and lutein. These protect the eyes from macular degeneration and help keep away infections and cancers. They also replenish the potassium lost through perspiration and provide relief in muscular cramps. So what are you waiting for, go grab some of this tangy fruit.

Mango:It is arguably the most sought-after summer fruit in India and is often called the king of all the fruits. Mango is loaded with fiber and contains high amounts of iron and selenium. It is also a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C as well as minerals like potassium, calcium and phosphorus. The high levels of fiber, pectin and vitamin C, found in Mangoes, lower serum LDL cholesterol levels in the body, while the potassium helps in controlling heart rate and blood pressure. The fruit also has immunity-boosting properties. Don't be shy and dig your teeth in this yummy and healthy delight.

Lychee: Lychee is very popular due to its sweet and succulent flavour, and pleasing soft and fleshy consistency. You can find Lychee is easily in the first couple of months of summers. This fruit is pure delight for people with sweet tooth and is a rich source of proteins, vitamins, fat, citric acid, pectin, phosphorus and iron. It contains several nutrients and vitamins that help fight various diseases like cancer, cardio-vascular ailments, bone degeneration and poor stamina. It is also very beneficial for skin care, growth in children, and strengthening of the body.

Papaya: This is a delicious tropical fruit that can be eaten raw or cooked. Its numerous health benefits have made it popular in all parts of the world. Papaya is extremely high in vitamins A, vitamin C, folate and other phytochemicals, which gives it strong antibacterial, anti-cancerous and anti-stress food properties. It contains papain, an enzyme that can cure ingestion and other GI tract diseases. Over the years, Papaya has also built up a reputation for being a loyal beauty partner for women - whether it's the antioxidants present in it that slow down the ageing process, or the fresh glow that it gives to the skin, or its proven role in weight loss.

Guava: This one is a sodium-free fruit with low fat and low calories. Like several fruits mentioned above, it contains vitamin C and prevents cough, cold, diarrhea and dysentery - common summer health problems. Guava also contains copper, which helps in the production and absorption of hormones. This helps in improving the function of the endocrine system especially the thyroid glands - which are responsible for the body's metabolism. Being rich in antioxidants like lycopene, guava protects body cells from damage and reduces chances of cancer.

Grapes: Grapes are an obvious summer choice - readily available, easy to eat and excellent in quenching hunger and thirst and thus best choice for summers. Those who love this fruit can rejoice in the knowledge that grapes help in weight loss by reducing the fat storage capacity of cells. They also protecting the body from the harmful effects of radiation, boost cardio-vascular health, assist in cleansing blood and prevent the degenerative nerve disease.

In addition to these seven magical fruits, you may also look at the following options for a refreshing summer ahead:

  • Pineapples are refreshing, have anti-inflammatory properties, and help digest both proteins and fats. Chilled slices of pineapple also make for excellent dessert.

  • Tender coconut will not just quench your thirst. It is a superb source of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that will keep you hydrated and revitalized.

  • Plums are juicy and just right for the summers. They are also rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C.

  • Strawberries make for mouth-watering dessert, especially when served with some ice-cream. They are also extremely rich in vitamin C and nutrients that help combat cancer and UTI infections.

  • Peaches are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and have amazing skin benefits.

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