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Attention Girls! Try these 7 health hacks to bring out the best in you

Attention Girls! Try these 7 health hacks to bring out the best in you

Who doesn't want to stay fit and look fabulous? However, at times, minor and often-ignored health issues prove a hindrance in our fitness plans. By getting to know these amazing health hacks, nothing will stop you girls from becoming the best version of yourselves.

1.To avoid emptying a whole packet of chips or any other snack, step out of your home after keeping a small, homemade packet of your favorite snacks. This would keep you happy while not keeping you hungry.

2. To take care of your digestive system, drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water. Be careful to not add sugar while doing so, honey can be used as its substitute if you can't dare to drink it without any form of sweetener.

3. To sleep more in the same hours that you go to bed for, keep your cell phone away from your bed or bedside. This would make you actually fall asleep faster as you would not spend time surfing your social timelines.

4. At the same time, keeping your cell phones away from the bed would also mean that you have to wake up and go to switch off the alarm when it buzzes. This would avoid you sleeping extra and shortening your gym hours.

5. To make sure that you drink adequate water throughout the day, take a sharpie and mark hours on your water bottles and aim to drink the specific amount of water every hour.

6. For making sore muscles an excuse to not go to the gym, chew 2 grams of ginger. If you can't take the taste of it, mix it in juice or tea. Gingerols present in it would have a sedative effect on the pain.

7. To reduce stress and improve your mood, smell oranges. They are known to freshen you up in moments. This can also be done when you are feeling sleepy in between your work hours.

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