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Being Too Humble At Work Hurts Your Career. Here Is How
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Being Too Humble At Work Hurts Your Career. Here Is How

If you are one of those who wish to be recognized strictly from the kind of work you deliver at your workplace unlike others who self-promote themselves and boast about the tasks they accomplished, definitely you will be surprised by what life has to offer you in the near future. And, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, this surprise will not be a pleasant one. Sometimes your positive traits do hold you back in life and hurt the growth rate of your career. (Also read:
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The world you have envisioned may have a simple recipe for success which requires common ingredients like hard work, determination, confidence, and humility, but the reality stands way ahead of your imagination. In today's working world, there is no harm in bragging about your accomplishments. In fact, it is the need of the hour. Though we have no intention to promote arrogant behavior, but being too humble at work may reduce your chances of being recognized.

People may teach you to stay grounded in moments of success and tell you about the ill effects of showing off, especially on the work front, but believe us, there is a difference between arrogant behavior and letting the world know what you are capable of. And, if you still wish to stick to your older beliefs, here is how you are making the path of success laborious for yourself. (Also Read: ​ 5 Signs That Your Job Owns You)

1. People may perceive you as weak, shy or scared: We completely agree that humility soothes your soul and there is nothing more fulfilling than a feeling of self-satisfaction, but because of your humble nature, people may perceive you as weak, shy or timid, who lacks the confidence of speaking up for oneself. This even gives them a chance to take credits for the work you did as they are well acquainted with the fact that you will never clear the air.

2. You may become invisible in the team: Consider this situation: in a team meeting, your boss inquires about the progress of a project and everyone speaks about their accomplished tasks, but you keep mum thinking that the end product of your hard work will talk for itself. This may hurt you, but nothing of this sort is going to happen ever. Rather, things which you did might add up to someone else's list. And, we know how much it hurts when someone else takes the credit for the work you did. (Also Read: Don't Say 'Sorry' Too Often. Here's Why)

So, unless and until you mention your contributions yourself, your boss will never come across your strengths and at the time of appraisals, he or she might have nothing to look upon in your list of achievements.

3. It stops you from feeling worthy: When your boss has no idea about your contribution in the teamwork, it is almost impossible to get a raise in your compensation. And with lower remuneration , self-doubt creeps in as it affects a person not only financially but also morally.

To make others realize your worth, you need to do it yourself first. You need to be your own advocate in front of the higher authorities in your office. (Also read: The Little Things In Life We Skip Noticing But Should Be Grateful For)

4. You may find yourself doing the job of others as well: In today's working world, a humble person has been often taken advantage of by co-workers. If you have too much humility, you may end up doing the task assigned to others as well, as you have never learned to say NO or you think that you may disrespect them by not agreeing to their request. Meanwhile, you have added extra working hours to your already hectic work day.

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