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Food For Thought, Oops Brain!

Food For Thought, Oops Brain!

When we choose the food to eat, we are either driven by the taste or the impact of food on our body. However, it is also important to look what food can do for your brain . There are certain foods that can really pep up our brain and make them more active. Here are some of the food that can do wonders for our brain.

Green tea

This wonderful beverage is popularly known for its weight loss benefits. However, there is a lot more to it. Research studies indicate that green tea is very rich in antioxidants and decreases the chances of developing Alzheimer's by about 65 percent. However, you need to be careful to not over indulge.


Blueberries are not just amazing in taste, they can do wonders for your brain too and that is the reason why Steven Pratt, MD, Author of SuperFoods Rx: fourteen foods proven to change your life gave this fruit a new name: 'brainberries' . Relevant studies indicate that this fruit actually has the capability protect our brain from oxidative stress. It also decreases the impact of brain and memory challenges like Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Not just that, consumption of blueberry can actually improve learning capacity and motor skills. This claim is based on a study done on rats by Ann Kulze, MD, Author of Dr. Ann's 10- step diet : a simple plan for permanent weight loss & lifelong vitality .

It is suggested that you add about 1 cup of this wonder fruit in your daily diet.

Peanuts and peanut butter

Peanuts and peanut butter both are known to be a source of good fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Guess what, all these nutrients are important for the effective and active functioning of our brain. Protein especially is very important for our brain as it helps the brain to produce chemicals named neurotransmitters . These neurotransmitters are used by the brain cells to communicate with one another. It is said that when these neurotransmitters are produced in the brain one feels more alert and high on energy.


Well they may bring tears to our eyes while pealing or eating them, but they certainly bring immeasurable joy for our brain. It is believed that continuous consumption of onions can actually bring down brain edema. This result is based on a study conducted on mice by Korean researchers. Based on the results of this study it was found that the group of mice, which were eating onions had a significant drop in edema (water in the brain, after effect of stroke) compared to the non onion eating group where the brain edema remained at the same level.

Red wine

Unbelievable as it may sound but it is true that red wine actually makes your brain more active. The anti-oxidants present in the red wine prevents our brain from the attack of free radicals. This keep our brain young and also prevents any genetic malfunction, red wine also induces production of estrogen which keeps the brain cells healthy and vibrant.

Olive oil

The health benefits of olive oil are already a lot talked about and it is one of the foods that makes it among the top few in the list of healthiest foods. It is amazing for our brain too. There is a substance oleocanthal that actually protect the nerve cells in the brain from the type of damage that occurs to them in Alzheimer's disease. Regular consumption of olive oil also reduces the chances of neurodegenerative dementia in people.


The wide variety of fishes are not just amazing for our taste buds and good for our body, it is also a wonder food for the brain. Harvard University's center for health and the global environment suggests that fish is a very good source of protein which actually has huge amounts of essential amino acids. These amino acids help in producing neurotransmitters that enable the brain cells to communicate with the rest of your body. The high protein can also improve our ability in learning related tasks.


Garlic causes the blood to thin this stops any possible clotting in the blood. Garlic also has compounds that actually produce chemicals in our body that help the brain cells manage and withstand stress, which results in protecting the neurons in our brain from any possible injuries or diseases.


Turmeric is very high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory aspect and is very commonly used in our day to day food. This regular use of turmeric is said to be one of the key causes of 25 percent lower risk of Alzheimer's diseases among people in India as compared to those living in the United States.


Cinnamon is known to give a boost to brain activity. As per a research conducted by Dr. P. Zoladz, chewing or smelling cinnamon actually improved the subject's cognitive processing. The results of this study indicated that cinnamon boosted the participant's attention, memory and visual-motor speed. Now when you feel too dragged down and low on your brain activity, don't worry just walk to your kitchen find your cinnamon sticks and sniff them for a while and are all good to go.

Nuts and seeds

Various kinds of nuts and seeds are another food very good for a healthy brain as they are a good source of vitamin e. Vitamin e reduces the amount of cognitive decline caused by ageing. Nuts and seeds like almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seed, are a very good source of vitamin e.

Don't wait now, go incorporate this 'brain wonder foods' in your daily diet and keep your brain healthy and active!

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