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How to Recover Text from a Crashed Web Page on Any Browser

How to Recover Text from a Crashed Web Page on Any Browser

Windows: It's a modern day nightmare: you just finished filling out a lengthy job application online, and the moment you hit 'Submit', your page crashes, along with your hopes and dreams for a better future. Lucky for us, technology consultant Ben Piper shared a tip that you can use to recover any text you typed into a browser. This works regardless of the cause of the page crash, the browser you were using and without the need for any pre-installed apps or extensions.

There's one important thing: Make sure you don't close your browser before doing this, as that will clear your RAM of your browser activity and your data will be lost for good.

To recover your lost form data:

Step 1) Install a free hex editing app, like HxD .

Step 2) Select the crashed browser's process from the list of running processes in your system RAM.

Step 3) Enter a search query consisting of any words you can remember from the content you entered on the dead web page.

Step 4) Once you've found your data, simply copy and paste it into a notepad app (you'll only get the content from the right-most column, shown in the screenshot below).

Piper reported that in some instances, users may not be able to recover 100% of the the lost data. But we tried this with content of varying lengths, from a two-line home address to a complete short story, and found this solution to work perfectly.

It's worth noting that this is generally more difficult with Google Chrome because the browser creates separate processes for every tab you open, and they're all listed as chrome.exe in the process list. You'll then have to sift through each of those processes to find your data.

If you'd rather be safe than sorry, consider installing Lazarus , an extension that auto-saves everything you type so you can easily recover your data. It's available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

How To Recover A Lost Form | Ben Piper via Reddit

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