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Is it a Good Time to Buy a Phone or a Tablet?
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Is it a Good Time to Buy a Phone or a Tablet?

Smartphone and tablet market is evolving extremely fast thereby reducing the shelf-life of a phone from a year to 6 months. What you purchase today may not be latest even after 6 months. Not only the hardware and OS undergo changes, in these 6-month period, even the prices may drop down by as large as 40-50%. So how do you answer the question posed above? Though there is no universal answer to it, if you take into consideration certain parameters, the question can be answered with certain accuracy. Here they are -

Price Range - Indian market is extremely price sensitive, thus if your fixation is on a particular handset, wait for 6-8 months for the prices to drop down considerably.

Specs - Technical specifications change with every version of handset, which typically is released every year. Makers usually launch advanced versions or new models around year-end, thus avoid making a new purchase one or two months prior to these periods. Your latest acquisition may become old in very short period.

Promotional Offers - Gone are the days when there used to be special discount schemes run exclusively during festive seasons. Promotional offers are available throughout the year and are recycled with cosmetic changes every now and then. Do not go overboard with a particular offer and make a hasty purchase.

Usability - If you are not a tech savvy person and are not much into specs and OS build, you can buy the phone or tablet at any point of time. Reason being - the prices of earlier versions would be almost half, and tech-specs would be almost similar and would be undiscernible to you. However, do not buy a model which is more than a year old as the OEM already might have stopped providing after sales support to the particular model.

Once you have pondered over the above mentioned factors, it would be easier for you to answer the question. But as a thumb rule, buy a smartphone after 2-3 months of its launch so you have enough data to churn before making the buying decision.

This article has been contributed by Vishal Ingole, who is a freelancer.

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