Make Your Daily Life Easy With FirstHandle AppTech

Make Your Daily Life Easy With FirstHandle App

If you are tired of spending and struggling to save your pocket from your routine life expenses, try the FirstHandle app. It enhances the real life experiences by giving full freedom of shopping, eating out and the like at a very affordable price.

The app allows retailers to deliver timely offers to customers across a range of categories like food, drinks, apparel, footwear, cafes, salons, fitness centres, electronics outlets and the like. The merchant notifies offers to the user through mobile.

"FirstHandle is a free mobile app that alerts the user to bargains and sales offers in his neighborhood, benefiting both the user and the merchant." FirstHandle Founder Abnesh Raina said.

The app has been launched in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai and can be downloaded on all android phones, android tabs, iPhones and iPads.
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