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Old Rs 500 and 1000 Notes Will be Accepted at These Places Till November 24Money

Old Rs 500 and 1000 Notes Will be Accepted at These Places Till November 24

With rush at banks and ATMs still being too much to handle for the banks, the government has extended use of old defunct Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes at certain places till November 24 midnight. The places where you can use these old notes include petrol pumps, government hospitals, government pharmacies, consumer cooperative stores, buying gas cylinders, paying utility bills, government milk booths, monuments maintained by the Archeological Survey of India, crematoriums or burial grounds and Railways. Some of these exemptions are also available for foreign tourists and international travellers.

This list was later expanded to include payments for metro rail tickets, highway and road toll, purchase of medicines on doctor prescription from the private pharmacies, railway catering. Old currency can also be used for purchases at consumer co-operative stores like Kendriya Bhandar with valid ID proof as also for paying court fee. However, payments towards utility bills will be restricted to only individuals or households for arrears and/or current bills. No advance payments will be allowed.

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