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The Power of Routine and How It Works

The Power of Routine and How It Works

Many find routine to be boring, and often find ways to break the monotony to make life interesting. While routine does cause dullness, it also leads people on the path of success .

But to reap benefits, you need to understand about your goals in life and have to incorporate the same mission into your routine. For example, if you are a photographer , practice photography every day. Similarly, if you are a blogger, make writing a routine. Same is true for a painter or a graphic designer . But do it for fun and don't succumb to pressure if you want to excel in your profession.

Now we tell you how it works:

* Routine helps you move forward : If you have made up your mind to achieve a certain thing in life , a routine or schedule can help you attain it even if you don't feel like doing the work. For example, you do not like to bathe, but do it as it is part of your routine, it will help you feel fresh and stay clean.

* Routine helps us plan things easily : Suppose, if we do not follow any routine in life, so how will we decide what to do first or second. We won't be able to take proper decisions as everything is haywire. So, it helps us to plan things better to say prioritize things.

* Routine ignites creativity : You won't believe but it is true that routine ignites creativity. In fact, the best ideas stuck our mind when we are busy doing routine work as it doesn't consume much of our energy. Routine works require less of thinking; therefore our mind is under no pressure and can think of other innovative ideas.

* Routine makes you successful : We indulge in some or other kind of routine work every day. For example, children go school every day whether they like it or not. Slowly, they get used to it and it helps them garner knowledge. They get a degree after which they can go for higher education. Later, depending on their knowledge, they write their own success story.

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