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Things You Should Change In Your Language To Change Your Life Forever

Things You Should Change In Your Language To Change Your Life Forever

Language plays a very important role in shaping our life and the real essence of who we are. As unbelievable as it may sound, but it is true: our language defines our happiness quotient and the quality of our life. And by just changing our language, there is a huge shift that can be brought in our life.

The first and the most important question that comes to our mind is how can language define happiness in our life? Well, the science that works behind this is that our language, the statements that we make about ourselves and life define what we think about it. So, if we all the time think and say negative things about ourselves and our life, the negative belief gets strengthened in the mind and our mind starts to function from that negative belief. If there are all the time negative thoughts and emotions in our mind, we will feel burdened, stressed and sad always.

Similarly, if we have a positive and motivating language all the time, our mind gets programmed to think positive and thus we feel happier in life.

What is your language?

First step in the direction of bringing a positive change in your language is to observe it. How do you talk? Does most of your sentences have negations like no, not, never, etc.? Do you most often talk about what is not right in your life or around you? Do you often crib about all the things wrong with the world? If the answers to most of these questions is in affirmative, you are making sure that happiness doesn't come anywhere near you and if that is what your life plan is, then you are on track! But if you want to live a happy and joyous life, it is time for you to revise your language skills!

Change your vocabulary

One of the most important things that you can do to change your language for the good, is to change your vocabulary? Give a thought on the most common words used by you and see what type of words are they. Does your favorite word basket has more negative words than positive? Do words like stress, painful, anger, busy, sad, etc. play a dominating role in your sentences? If the answers to most of these questions end in a yes for you, then it is time for you to buy a new dictionary and learn some positive words.

It is very important to change the words you use. Some simple tips and examples are: Instead of using the word 'problem' you can say 'challenge'. Problem has got a connotation which says something that can not be solved. Challenge on the other hand is something difficult but achievable.

Change your statements

Another important tip here is to change your usual statements. For example, if you are in a habit of saying 'I don't want to be late', change it to 'I am always on time'. Similarly, shift from 'I don't want to be sick' to 'I am healthy and fit'. The basic rule here is to focus on what you want rather than what you not want. That ways what you want gets importance and attention in your life and not the unwanted stuff.

Never complete a negative statement

In the beginning changing your language habits may seem a bit challenging; however, awareness and commitment can help you turn it around. The most important step is to pay attention to what you are saying, whether in your mind to yourself or to others. The moment you find yourself starting a negative statement, stop then and there. Start a new habit: never complete your negative statements.

Once you stop in between of these negative statements, your mind gets the message clearly that you don't want to use those negative sentences. Then slowly you will find that you don't often come up with those negative sentences.

No complaints

Take out all the complaints from your daily conversations. Complaints are those negative programs in your language that reiterate what all is wrong with you and with the world. This kind of a program is like a vicious cycle. The more complaints you make, the more bad you feel, the more bad you feel more complaints you make and it just goes on and on. So, be brave and take complaints out of your conversations and replace it with thankfulness. So, instead of talking about what is not right in your life, talk about what is right and for starters you can kick off by thanking for the unlimited oxygen you get every day, free of charge.

No justifications

Stop giving justifications so much space and effort in your conversations. Stop using words like because, that is why, etc. These words give lame reasons for you doing or not doing something. You actually don't need to have those justifications, you can and you should do what you want without any compulsion of giving a good reason for it.

Bring these few subtle changes in your language and see how it transforms your life in a big way. Once you make these changes in your language, your mind will get the message that you have shifted from a negative state to a positive one. Thus, the mind will help you to stay happy as it now knows that that is what you want. So, don't think now, change your language to change your life!

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