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Print Your Documents In The Colour #010101 When Printer Is Out Of Black Ink
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Print Your Documents In The Colour #010101 When Printer Is Out Of Black Ink

How printer companies rip us off is a badly kept secret. When the price of most of the tools for modern connected life is going down as a result of economy of scale, inkjet cartridges are still priced at a premium. It has been widely exposed from time to time how printer manufacturers implement planned obsolescence in their products. Arstechnica's expose proving "empty" Epson ink cartridges were actually 20 percent full is one such example.

One of the most common situations that get users into trouble is when the printer runs out of black ink, which is loaded from a separate cartridge. Even though, the color black can be created with the existing 'color' cartridge, printer refuses to do and prints documents in unusual colors in order to force the user into buying a new cartridge.

If you want to get out of this odd fix, then you can hack your way out of this problem. Redditor Prabir007 provides the perfect hack -change the color of the font from black to a dark shade of grey. The Redditor advice in the thread to opt shade of grey #010101, which is looks like 99% black. A fellow Redditor even tried this hack and you can see the image of prints in black and this shade of grey side by side here in this link . Not a bad way to get one back at the printer companies.

(Image Credit: Maxpixel)

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