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Snooze on a Silk Pillowcase for a Wrinkle-Free Skin
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Snooze on a Silk Pillowcase for a Wrinkle-Free Skin

Aging is a natural and universal phenomenon. However, if you can postpone your skin from aging by few years, why not? Especially when aging starts before time, it can get a little distressing. However, instead of burning your pocket by buying anti-aging creams and going for cosmetic surgeries, here is a doable and useful hack. Try sleeping on silk pillowcase every night. It works really well and doesn't lead to any side effects.

Have you noticed creases on your face often when you wake up? This is the key reason for early wrinkles. Creases over a period of time become wrinkles, as there is a loss of collagen and elasticity every night. However, when your face touches silk pillowcase, it doesn't lead to any creases.

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Silk pillowcases have been linked to anti-aging properties over last many decades, in fact from time immemorial. That is why the most beautiful queens and princesses always slept on silk pillowcases. Silk acts as a moisture barrier against the skin and thus hydrates the skin naturally. Dry skin always ages early. And silk is a natural way to keep moisture intact. Cotton pillowcases often dry up your skin causing premature aging of the skin. A silk pillowcase also doesn't tear out hair and retains moisture. It apparently acts as a hypoallergenic temperature regulator for skin and hair.

Applying repeated pressure on your face, by sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, will promote the breakdown of collagen, which eventually leads to visible lines.

Silk pillowcases also ensure your face looks less puffy. And the lack of abrasion reduces skin's redness and softens it. So, a silk pillowcase is an absolute must have for any woman.

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