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The Art of Getting Your 'TIMING' Right
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The Art of Getting Your 'TIMING' Right

Getting your timing right is getting your answer right.

So critical is timing in the scheme and sequence of things that be it asking a 'Question' or even giving an 'Answer' , the same question or answer becomes the 'right' question or 'right' answer depending upon timing which decides it's final fate.

The post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Often timing becomes coincidentally right or wrong. When you seriously analyse the outcomes of many a situations to determine the critical role of 'timing' as a factor that influences outcome, you will realise that the prevailing situation/context just about prior to that 'question' being asked or 'answer' being given, changes the full perspective of the context.

However, if you analyse and do a deep research on this theme, you will realise that you can actually identify a linear pattern of prevailing events, conditions and situations which needs to be read. These situations and conditions have a huge ability to influence the outcomes of your actions. So much is the influence that it is not actually your action that makes it right or wrong as much that it is your reading of the situation and context before deciding your action in response to that, which makes it 'right' or 'wrong'. Thus the importance of reading the unwritten signals on the walls and timing your actions.

Rightly says Baron that Champions know when they should enter a system, when they should move within, when they should holdback and restrain action and of course, when they should exit. Effectively it means that championship is much beyond having only exceptional core skills that are required to win. It is not good enough to know only how to run and have stamina to be able to win a marathon. Championship goes much deeper and involves understanding the criticality of the context and getting it's insights right so as then to be able to maximise effects and results of the actions by timing it right.

When is it ideally the 'right -time' to enter the system:

When demand for you, your skills, strategy or ideas are very high. That is the window of maximisation that you need to exploit. This is just the right time to enter.

When system has no alternative but to depend on you. Such a situation celebrates you as the hero and thus just the appropriate time to enter. When you are just one of the many alternatives, it certainly isn't the best entry time.

When you are seen as bringing huge credibility as the saviour of the system. System salutes the saviour. You thus need to use this opportunity.

When your ability to create value is disproportionately higher than that of the others, you will be the most valued man in the system. If that is the prevailing situation, enter.

When earlier players in the same role have drastically failed to deliver but you are confident that you can win, yes, go and prove yourself. It will make you a celebrity because that would make you a real winner. But before doing so, don't let people forget that the others before you drastically failed and the contextual situation has not changed at all!!!

When is it the right time to move within

When top leadership sponsorship is supporting your strategy, start moving within. Don't wait for anything. Resources and processes soon fall in place once sponsorship is broadcasted.

When system is seeking what you exactly are offering, the supply meets demand and that's time to move within the system. Sell your ideas for action.

When a tempo and momentum for action is built and you have highlighted the burning platform of need in the system which most people have started mouthing. Move for action.

When a bed-rock of communications is created in support of what you want to deliver. The platform and ground is prepared for your success. Move for action.

When other options for survival of the system have failed and you have an execution plan to support your strategy which could help the system to thrive,

When is it the right- time to hold-back and restrain action in the system

When pandemonium prevails and the system is in a state of total confusion and the way- forward is unclear. Lie low.

When leadership keeps changing its views and each time you are shooting at all the fast moving ducks all in a row. Go below the radar.

When public opinion opposes what you want to do though you believe what you want to do is right. You cannot transform the system till you have a critical mass that supports you and you end-up creating a tipping- point in your scheme of success. Remain quiet.

When you believe that the current prevailing environment is merely a passing phase and the same is going to pass-over. Until the moment of change happens, observe status quo.

The Art of Getting Your 'TIMING' Right....reading the unwritten signals on the walls | LinkedIn

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