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You Can’t Make Everyone Happy. Stop Being a People Pleaser

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy. Stop Being a People Pleaser

Think about all that you do for everyone around you and then think about what you do for yourself every day. Compare how much time you devote caring for people around you and yourself. You will find that most of the times you keep compromising your dreams and aspirations to satisfy others.

In fact, this is very common among females as compared to males to care about what other people will think and say. They live in a state of constant fear and their actions are often motivated as per the likes and dislikes of the people around them. (Also read: 8 Things You Must Ignore To Stay Happy)

Helping others is admirable. But what happens when you become so compelled to please everyone that you compromise your own happiness? What happens when you find your life is becoming a composite of the favors and demands of others? Eventually, you realize one day that you are heading towards a wrong direction and can’t make everyone happy.

There comes a point when it becomes imperative for you to stand for yourself, learn to become selfish and stop being people pleaser . You understand that you need to change and you wonder how to do it. Here comes some tips especially if you are willing to change.

1. Accept that you will feel guilty when you say no to something for the first time : There is no doubt that you will feel guilty when you say no to a request. But there is nothing wrong in doing this, everyone does that. Think about how much worse you would feel if you would have said yes to yet another thing that you didn’t want to do.

2. Learn to say no : ‘No’ is the word you should learn how to say in life if you want to live for yourself. How many times have you said no and made a number of excuses to justify your decisions? Many times, right? Stop doing this, and say no in a way that feels good to you, but in a way that is strong. You need not justify it anyone.

3. Accept the fact that not everyone around will like you: It is okay for people to not like you the way you don’t like everyone around you. Accept this fact and things will become easier for you. Just start working on loving yourself and increasing your self-esteem.

4. It is okay to put yourself first: You will become happy and more productive the moment you start putting yourself first. Set some boundaries for you for example if something goes against your values, dignity and integrity, you will say no without giving it a second thought.

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