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4 Body Language Cues to Approach Strangers and Strike Up Conversations EasilyCommunication

4 Body Language Cues to Approach Strangers and Strike Up Conversations Easily

Do you have trouble socialising and chatting with new people? For some, they seem to be born with it; for others, It's an acquired skill that not everyone can master easily. But chances are that you are going to need it at some point in your life. And when you do, sending the right non-verbal cues can make it a whole lot easier to strike up a conversation with someone you just met.

Robin Dreeke -- lead instructor at the FBI's Counterintelligence Training Center in all behavioral and interpersonal skills training and author of It's Not All About Me -- offers a few techniques (summarized at the Farnam Street blog) to ensure your body language is less intimidating and invites the other person to share more:

-The number one body language technique is, of course, to smile. But try and tilt your head slightly when you do so, which indicates to the other person that you trust them and are comfortable with them.

-Maintain a lower chin angle i.e. tuck your chin into your neck. A high chin angle makes the other person think you are looking down at them.

-Angle your body slightly away from the person, as standing toe-to-toe is an intimidating posture.

-When you offer a handshake, do it with the palm facing upwards and match the strength of the other person.

Ten Techniques For Building Quick Rapport With Anyone | Farnam Street

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