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5 Lies that Can Ruin your Relationship

5 Lies that Can Ruin your Relationship

We build our relationship bit-by-bit, but it takes a few minutes to destroy everything when one partner catches the other lying. We lose our credibility and nothing can undo the loss we incur in no time.

In fact, this is a human tendency to lie to a friend or your partner until you get caught one day. So, the best way to avoid the situation is not to lie at all. But you should first realize what are those lies that can spoil your relationship so that you can avoid them at all cost. Here we share 5 such lies.

1. Sexual lies : If you are not loyal to your partner and lying to hide your love affair with someone else, no one can save it. In fact, no person in this world can tolerate a cheating partner in life. If you partner comes to know from a third person that you were cheating on him, you will be in trouble.

2. Financial lies : As a couple both the person should share their earnings and investments with each other. They should not lie about any detail and everything should be discussed between them openly. Matters related to money and income often become a cause for arguments and fights after marriage therefore, should be handled with care.

3. Emotional lies : If you are telling lies about your feelings and emotions just to please your partner, the relationship won't last long. In fact, such lies can hurt your partner deeply and ruin your relationship. Don't give your partner a false commitment.

4. Dishonest with in-laws and family members : If you are lying with your in-laws or other family members, the truth will definitely come out. People associated with you will get hurt and there won't be a second chance to correct your mistake. You partner, in turn, won't trust you anymore.

5. Lying about your whereabouts or friends : If you are lying to your partner about your whereabouts and friends with whom you are spending time, you are likely to be in trouble. You should clearly tell your partner that you are hanging out with your friends and can share their details too.

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