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De-stink Your Shoes and Feet with Rubbing AlcoholHousehold

De-stink Your Shoes and Feet with Rubbing Alcohol

Mihir Patkar , Gawker Media

De-stink Your Shoes and Feet with Rubbing Alcohol

From coffee filters and baking soda to throwing them in the freezer , we have suggested several ways to get the stink out of your funky smelling shoes. But Redditor zwei2stein, who claims to be nicknamed "smellyfeet" since he was 13, says pure alcohol is the best way to de-stink your shoes and feet.

You need to disinfect your shoes:

  1. Dry them out.
  2. Get cleaning alcohol and soak then into it
  3. Wait for them to dry out.

For your own feet, it is very easy:

  1. Take shower
  2. Rub some pure alcohol on feet.

You can also try few steps in your alcohol soaked boots to reach every crack.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, so read his full post at Reddit to know the different ways you can stop those odors in the first place.

LPT: Battling Smelly Feet Effectively | Reddit

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