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Shave with Olive Oil to Save Money and Get Smoother SkinClever Uses

Shave with Olive Oil to Save Money and Get Smoother Skin

Eric Ravenscraft , Gawker Media

Shave with Olive Oil to Save Money and Get Smoother Skin

Shaving cream is a nice way to make sure that rubbing a knife across your face is a pleasant experience. However, olive oil may actually be better for your skin and make for a cheaper shave.

According to developer and frequent shaver Chris Inch, spreading just a few drops of olive oil on to the area to be shaved is enough to lubricate the skin and avoid irritation. However, it's much cheaper per ounce, along with plenty of other advantages:

1. Cost. You're paying far less for a huge bottle of olive oil than if you were to buy the little shaving oil bottles which can cost between $5 and $10 each.
2. Health benefits. Olive oil is well known to have many health benefits . Even Jeanne Calment who lived to 122 years of age claimed she rubbed olive oil into her skin which contributed to her longevity.
3. Less oily than mineral oils. This goes against what the first article suggested. I have never tried shaving with baby oil or mineral oil, but probably never will.

In addition to the above, you're getting all the other benefits of shaving with an oil. It's faster, cleaner and leaves your skin feeling smoother. I don't use aftershave and I often purposefully leave the oil on my skin without rinsing when I'm done shaving.

Even if you like your shaving routine and are already getting satisfactory results, a few drops of olive oil can help moisturize your skin before or after a shave, so it's worth having it around the bathroom.

Why I Shave With Olive Oil | Chris Inch

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