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The Facebook Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Saves You Time, Mouse ClicksFacebook

The Facebook Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Saves You Time, Mouse Clicks

The world's most popular social network has several built-in keyboard shortcuts that you can use, but you probably weren't even aware of them. The good folks at Social Bakers made a handy chart for you to quickly refer to, so that you can browse Facebook faster.

The chart is divided by OS (Windows and OSX) and browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). The list is really exhaustive and even includes some shortcuts that the Facebook power users among us weren't aware of.

Social Bakers notes: "If your computer does not contain a numerical keyboard (without numbers as the primary characters) and/or you don't have English set as your primary language, you will have to press 'Shift' with each of the keyboard shortcuts containing numbers."

Save Time With Facebook Shortcuts | Social Bakers

Image courtesy: PamMarketingNut

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