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The Key to Super Juicy Meatloaf, Every TimeKitchen

The Key to Super Juicy Meatloaf, Every Time

Heather Yamada Hosley , Gawker Media

The Key to Super Juicy Meatloaf, Every Time

Dry, crumbly meatloaf is always a letdown, but you can make sure yours is always perfectly moist by using a combination of lean and fattier meats. Whether you're watching your budget (lean meats tend to be more expensive) or your fat intake, at least a 80/20 or 70/30 lean to fatty split will make sure you never serve a dried out meatloaf again.

Leaner meat, like turkey, will dry out and lose moisture as you bake the meatloaf, which is why mixing in a fattier meat is key. Adding about a third of a fattier meat, like 80/20 ground beef (as opposed to 90/10 or leaner,) sausage, or ground pork will keep things juicy and flavorful. Of course, what fits your taste may vary, so experiment with the amount and type of meats you use until you find the perfect ratio. For more examples, and some ideas, check out the post below.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making Meatloaf | The Kitchn

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