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Face Your Worst Fear; It May Change Your Life Forever

Face Your Worst Fear; It May Change Your Life Forever

Do you know Thomas Jefferson, the third US President and American principal author of the Declaration of Independence, had a terrible fear of speaking in public? And, as a college student Warren Buffett, now one of the most successful investors of all time, was terrified of getting up and saying his name? Do you know Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest, feared heights initially? But what made them stand apart from others was how they faced their phobia head on and converted it into their passion. The very thing they were afraid of the most gave them the ultimate satisfaction in life and later helped them achieve heights of success.

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Many a times when you work on your phobia, it turns out to be the one thing you were looking for in life. It can turn into the very purpose of your life. It will be much more satisfactory and fulfilling than taking the easy route. At the age of 21, Warren Buffett enrolled in a Dale Carnegie course on public speaking. And, from then on he turned it into his forte. Today, no public speaker is loved as much as Warren Buffet. The reason Bachendri Pal decided to join a mountaineering class was to overcome her fear of heights. Once she reached a certain heights, she loved the feeling and went on and on and finally climbed Everest.

Sometimes maximum happiness is gained when phobics are no longer afraid of by the very things that gave them jitters. For instance, there have been cases when people who were afraid of ski lift turned out to be down-hill racers. There are numerous drivers out there who were once afraid of driving. Once phobic, they now drive when they are stressed.

Anita Thomas, one of the top aerial and aviation photographers in Canada, always had a fear of flying. However one day, she decided to take her phobia head on. She joined her husband, a pilot, on one of his flights. She took camera to keep her mind diverted from the fear. There she discovered her passion, aviation photography.

Sometimes it is imperative to overcome phobia . As much as it is essential, it can also be a turning point in your lives. You may discover things that you were never aware of.

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