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Focus on Cleaning These Areas When You Have Last-Minute Guestshome

Focus on Cleaning These Areas When You Have Last-Minute Guests

Kristin Wong , Gawker Media

If you have last-minute houseguests, you might be stressed at the idea of cleaning your whole house last-minute, too. Here's an idea: don't. As Apartment Therapy points out, there are only three areas to clean in order to make your place presentable.

Apartment Therapy makes a good case for cleaning just the following before impromptu guests arrive: the toilet, glassware, and the sofa. Your guests will most likely use the bathroom, after all, so it's worth a quick wipe down. Then, make sure the sofa is decluttered and free of pet hair so your guests have a comfortable place to sit and, of course, you want clean glassware for pouring drinks.

Obviously, this is general advice and your own priorities may be a little different. For example, the litterbox is the first thing I think about when I know people are coming over. It's good overall advice, though, and the full post is worth checking out at the link below.

The Only Three Things You Need to Clean Before Having People Over | Apartment Therapy

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