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Here Is Why You Shouldn't Always Trust Your Intuition

Here Is Why You Shouldn't Always Trust Your Intuition

We have watched tons of detective stories, science fiction, crime thrillers and police dramas, where a case is solved or a break though have been made after the protagonist makes a decision just based on his 'gut feeling'. The gut feeling or intuition has been examined and written a lot about in last decade or so. And we often advise our peers and friends to go with your intuition. But, new research published based on experiments now suggests that it may not always a wise choice to follow your intuition. Here is why:

We have previously written about Dunning- Kruger effect and how it makes us often over estimate our own abilities. In recent years there has been plenty of research stating that we are not good at knowing ourselves, especially when it comes to judging traits in ourselves.

A research paper authored by Simine Vazire and Erika N. Carlson of Washington University in St. Louis says most people believe that they know themselves better than anyone else knows them. "People's perceptions of their own personalities, while largely accurate, contain important omissions. Some of these blind spots are likely due to a simple lack of information, whereas others are due to motivated distortions in our self-perceptions", stated the 2011 paper.

Another paper published in the end of last month titled 'Can People Judge the Veracity of Their Intuitions?' , questions our decisions based on intuition. The important question here is, if we are bad at knowing ourselves, then how will our intuitions be right?

The research was conducted by Stefan Leach and Mario Weick of the University of Kent and argues that people who believe they're intuitive are no better than anyone else at tasks that require intuition. Leach and Weick's conducted two studies with 178 students participating in the first and 222 in the second.

According to findings, the more individuals perceive themselves to be intuitive, the more they tend to believe that their intuitions lead to good decision outcomes. But, the studies clearly state that despite how much confidence we have on our intuition, the predictive validity is likely low and may lead to frequent misjudgements. So, next time, think for a minute or two before you go with your guts.

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