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Self-Defense Tips Every Girl Should Know

Self-Defense Tips Every Girl Should Know

In the wake of the Bengaluru mass molestation incident on the occasion of New Year, actor Akshay Kumar has recently posted a strong video message on Twitter and Facebook, encouraging girls to learn self-defense .

The 49-year-old actor has always endorsed martial arts and self-defense training. But this time, he especially mentioned about women security. He said every woman should feel that she needs no one and is capable enough to protect herself. ( Also read: This Diagram Shows You How To Throw A Left Hook Punch )

Such cases of molestation have also been reported in Delhi. Women safety and security has become such an important issue that even the Delhi Metro Corporation has decided to allow female passenger to carry knives when they travel in metro.

You know why such crimes are common? It is because assailants feel women are passive and won’t fight back. The best way to fight back against such crimes is to prevent it from happening however; if it is inevitable then you need to apply some techniques for self-defense.

And if you are wondering what to do in such a situation, here are some ways to protect yourself from perpetrators:

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