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Taking Time Off From Work Can Make You More Productive

Taking Time Off From Work Can Make You More Productive

You haven't lived if you haven't travelled! Also, one of the most effective, but often ignored productivity hack is taking time off from work. Nothing can rejuvenate you like a vacation. It has been proven through various studies that employees who go on a holiday at least twice a year work better than those who work all through the year.

Ernst & Young conducted an internal study of its employees few years ago and found that every additional 10 hours of vacation time employees took improved year-end performance ratings by 8 per cent. And it was also found that letting employees take a break helped in employee retention.

Leadership consultants Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman did a study on the same. "To gauge how different amounts of vacation might affect attitudes toward productivity, we asked respondents to complete an assessment that measured their preference for working at a slow or fast pace. Granted, our sampling for this research was not large. But when we tested the differences between these groups for speed, quantity focus, and impatience we came upon some intriguing results: first, we found that leaders in countries with more paid vacation days actually tend to seem slightly more likely to work at a faster pace, have a higher quantity focus, and feel more impatient," they wrote in Harvard Business Review.

They later came to a conclusion that having more vacation time seems to help employees better understand the importance of being impatient for results and getting as much done as possible. They also said that employees in countries that take more vacation do have a strong desire to get a lot done as well as a tendency to move faster. Taking time off for a vacation can also help you destress, thereby making you stay healthy.

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