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Sliced Bread With Toothpicks To Keep Cake From Going StaleKitchen

Attach Sliced Bread With Toothpicks To Keep Cake From Going Stale

Baking a cake is hard work, but it's not like it's definitely going to get eaten in one go. And when you refrigerate it, you don't want your hard work going stale overnight or hardening in the fridge.

The Created By Diane blog has a fantastic hack that will ensure the cake stays nice and soft without going stale. And all it takes are a few slices of bread and some toothpicks.

The idea is to cut your bread into smaller pieces and use the toothpicks to attach it to the sliced 'open' parts of the cake -- that is, the parts that aren't covered by frosting -- like in the picture shown above. This causes the bread to get stale and hard, while the cake retains its moisture and stays good to eat.

Before serving, just remove the bread. If you need to refrigerate the cake again, make sure you use new slices of bread and not reuse the same ones.

No Stale Cake | Created By Diane

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